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Irish Roses , part 2 - joining the 4 rose motifs

I think pictures say more than words. Anyway:
Make your Rose 1, as written in previous post. Fasten off.

Rose 2
Rounds 1-6  as Rose 1
Round 7:
In first ch4 space work: sc, 3 dc, yarn over hook (as for making dc), pull through 2 loops on hook, insert hook in middle dc of corresponding petal of Rose 1, pull  through all loops on hook, 3 dc, sc
Join next petal in the same manner. Finish Round 7 same as with Rose 1, fasten off.

Rose 3

same as Rose 2, fasten off.

Rose 4
Rounds 1-6 as Rose 1
Round 7: Join first two petals to corresponding petals of Rose 1, join next two petals to corresponding petals of    Rose 3,  finish next four petals as Rose 1.

 Use your quartet of roses as a pretty applique, or make lovely pincushion or a window decoration.
I will post net instruction soon, I hope-but there's a lot of ideas how to make it here. If you want to wait for the rest of my pattern-do not fasten off  :)

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  1. I love photos that show exactly which way to insert the hook! Thank you. :)

    P.S. I can see a whole cushion covered with these - how feminine it would be.

    1. Thanks! I started making the roses in ecru thread-they look so pretty in this colour. And yes, the cushion would be so lovely!

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  3. Has the pattern been updated