wtorek, 10 września 2013

61 little teddy bears

Yesterday at church meeting I was given a bag of  cute teddy bear squares. Well, they are actually hexagons, but if you are going to make a blanket out of them - they are squares. Hexagonally shaped, but still squares :)  

This blankie needs finishing. Some teds don't have any eyes or noses, and they need the bows, and then they will be all crocheted together to form a big hexagon ( not a square this time!) and the blankie will go to some little boy or girl.

I'm going to start with the longest line of teds, the one in the middle. It has 9 squares in it. I have already made some bows, so I will finish that and embroider the eyes and noses. It is going to be quite boring, but fun. Isn't that curious? Some things are boring and fun at the same time. Some movies are like that. Some books are like that. Flat water kayaking is exactly like that. Long, boring and lot's of fun!!
So now I'm going to find some long and boring movie and let's the fun begin :)

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