niedziela, 27 października 2013

Rib stitch dishcloths with buttonholes

These are quick and simple to make all purpose cloths. Instead of a typical hanging loop I made a small "buttonhole". Looks nice and serves it's purpose well.

Rib stitch dishloths with buttonholes:

Worsted weight kitchen cotton
hook 4 mm
yarn needle

st, sts-stitch, stitches
sc-single crochet
blo sc- single crochet through back loop only

Chain 31, or as many as you need for desired size of your cloth.

Row 1
sc in back bump of each ch across, placing first st in 3rd ch from hook (beg ch counts as first sc), turn
[30 sc]

Row 2
ch 1 (counts as first blo sc now and throughout pattern), blo sc in next 3 sts, ch 5, skip next 5 sts, blo sc in next st and in each st across row, placing last stitch on top of beg ch of previous row, turn [25 blo sc, 5 ch]

Row 3
ch 1, blo sc in each blo sc and ch across, turn [30 blo sc]

Row 4 and up
ch 1, blo sc in each st across, turn [30 blo sc]

Repeat Row 4 until desired shape is obtained (my cloths are 7 in squares)

NOTE: Be careful not to lose the last st of each row. Beggining chain has a tendency to almost vanish, but you have to find it and put your last stitch of row there!  :)  Count your stitches, each row has 30 of them ( or the number of your choice).

I thought about making slip stitch or single crochet edge, but I rather like the look of these dishcloths as they are, without any additional stitching.

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  1. Lovely! I love the fresh pretty colours. And your darling owlet and hedgie :)

  2. Thank you Rosella!! Hedgie belongs to DD and is called Dr. Watson :)

  3. Hej, a gdyby to tak napisać po polsku i podlinkować do Szydłoruszenia?
    Poproszę :)

    1. Spróbuję!! Problem w tym,że mówię i myślę po polsku, ale szydełkuję po angielsku!! Jednakowoz mam parę wzorków i tu , i na Ravelry, które chętnie bym przetłumaczyła. Jest gdzies moze jakaś stronka z polska terminologia szydełkową?