niedziela, 6 września 2015

End of summer

Poke berries are ripening. The summer is coming to an end.

There will be more time for crocheting. Sitting at home and sneezing, because of ragweed blooming all around, I made this funny hat. And I really am going to wear it! I can't wait for cold mornings.

Here, Miss Lorinda Styrofoam is modeling it for me:

I really liked the improvised motif on the top of hat. How about writing it up?
How about making a ....whatever with that?

The colors are so bright my tiny camera cannot process them :)
So are the colors of catamarans' sails at the lake:

Last year we were able to go to the lake in December:

Look at the December sun! He is sinking into the lake. There is a feeling of this glorious solitude that we are always looking for. The summer crowds are gone, everything is so still...

Time to stop reminiscing.I now go back to my quirky hat and finish it up.

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