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How to crochet a tiny owl

Materials needed-scraps of colorful (I used orange, beige and brown) acrylics, cottons or wools (worsted weight),eyes, pieces of felt, buttons etc.
Tapestry needle

Owl's Body

Base ring:
In magic loop:ch1(counts as sc), 5sc, join with sl st, fasten of orange (6 sc)

Row 1:
Join beige in any sc of base ring
ch2 (counts as hdc), ch1, hdc in same st
*hdc, ch1, hdc* in each of next sc, join with sl st on top of beg chain, fasten off beige (six groups of *hdc, ch1, hdc*)

Row 2:
Join brown in any ch1 space
ch2 (counts as hdc), 2hdc in the same sp, ch1
*3hdc, ch1* to the end of the row placing stitches in ch1 spaces
join with sl st on top of beg ch, do not fasten off, do not turn (6 groups of 3hdc, 6 ch1 spaces)

Owl's "Ears"

Row 3:
ch3 (counts as dc), dc in same st, hdc in each of next 2 st, skip ch1 space, hdc in each of next 2 st, 2dc in last hdc of 3hdc group of previous row, turn (2dc,4hdc,2dc)

Row 4:
ch3, (counts as dc) dc in same st, sc in each of next 6sts, 2dc on top of beg ch (2dc,6dc,2dc)


You have to make two pieces like this. When you have finished the first one - fasten off . Making the second one you can fasten off and then sew the two pieces together (use loose ends of yarn as stuffing, you can add some polyester filling if you want, I didn't). You can also join the pieces with slip stitches. In that case do not fasten of. Put the body pieces left sides together and join them stitch by stitch inserting your hook under just one strand of yarn of each Row 4 stitch. Close to the end of row make a loop of 5-7 chains if you want to use your owl as a key chain. Finish with a tight slip stitch, fasten off, secure the end of yarn using a tapestry needle.

Owl's Eyes

Use any eyes you like. Buttons, googly eyes, embroidery, felt, little crocheted rings-whatever. I glued my owl's eyes but sewing would be better: more elegant and more crafty!

After joining the pieces you can make the ears more "owly" by adding little "fringe" on top of them and then cutting it short.

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  1. This is so cute. Thanks for writing the instructions with photos.